Colin Gespenst
  • Favorite weapon: spooky phantoms
  • Former occupation: Waiter
  • Cause of Death: food poisoning (originally)
  • First appearance: "The Dinner Date"

  • General Statistics:
    Height: variable
    Weight: 535 lbs.
    Standard Equipment:
    Plasmoid Shockwave Unit
    Optical Gigawatt Laser
    Cloaking Field
    Titanium Pincers

    Stealth/Espionage, Electronic Warfare, Spirit Summoning

    The ghost of a surly waiter accidently gunned down by Matt, he was condemned to haunt the world for the rest of eternity as a mostly formless spectre. He's not really evil, but he sure is annoying at times. He was at one time enslaved by the daemon Ysrath, but gained his freedom after possessing the body of the OMEGA:Stealth drone - which has both a combat and compact mode.
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